Silvertone Tenor Guitar

Okay, admittedly, this was kind of a lark. But being a lifelong Kingston Trio fan, and already owning and playing five-string banjos and six string guitars, I just had to own a tenor guitar so I could try some of Nick Reynold's licks and strums. I found this cute little guitar on the eBay on line auction a while back. It came in very nice condition, except for a tuner, which was bent. Well, luthier that I am, I tried to bend the tuner until it was straight and... So I took it to my music shop and asked them if they had any single tuners lying around to replace the one that I had broken off. While the guitar man was looking through his drawer of parts, his father, my old friend went up to the store room. He came down with a dusty old box and said "Maybe you'd like these. I've had them for years and never thought I'd get rid of them." He opened then box and there was a set of four gold plated sealed Grover tuning machines. There was also an old, yellowed price sticker on the box that said $19.95. I chuckled and said "yeah, I'll take 'em for twenty bucks!" Well, that's what he gave them to me for. So here I have this sweet little Silvertone tenor, probably thirty or so years old, with shiny gold Grovers on it. This little guitar sings. I really have to play it more. By the way, if my sources are correct, Silvertone was made by Harmony for sale by Sears many years ago. I guess that was before Sear's had "Brand Central".

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