Folk U.S.A.

Sources for Musical Instruments


Martin Guitars

Great site. On-line catalog and all. While there are many good guitars out there, Martin was the mainstay of folk music in the Sixties.

Taylor Guitars

Next to Martin, my favorite guitars. I own five of them and I love them.

Deering Banjos

Some of the finest banjos around. Someday I hope to be able to buy their Tenbrooks or John Hartford model. Deering also has the license to produce Vega banjos. Check them out.

Elderly Instruments
A good source for just about anything musical in the folk tradition. They also have a newsletter for pre-owned vintage instruments.

Banjo Ben

A new place to pick up your music needs. They've taken up where Janet Davis Music left off when they closed. And you could never go wrong with Janet Davis. Stop in and check out the General Store!

Nichols Custom Inlays and Guitars

Dress up your guitar with Bill Nichol's beautiful inlays, tuning pegs and truss rod covers. I bought a custom Cape Hatteras Lighthouse truss rod cover for my new Taylor twelve string from him. Check out his work!

DeCava Guitars

Luthier James R. DeCava, based in Stratford, Connecticut, worked for many years with the Liberty Banjo Company, making and repairing banjos. He has built hundreds of guitars, banjos and mandolins and has become well known for his multi-string instruments. He is consistently growing and evolving as a builder of innovative guitars to keep up with the changing musical needs of today’s players. Stop by his site and take a look at his beautiful workmanship.

Ome Banjos
Another source for a good banjo. Ome is the former Ode Banjo Company from Boulder, Colorado. The long neck banjo on my home page is a Muse, which Ode made for retail sale through music stores. A fine banjo that has served me well for 35 years.

Welcome to, the source for banjos!Yes, you can buy banjos here...4-string, 5-string and 6-string! Tenors & plectrums for Dixieland jazz. Open-back and resonator models for bluegrass & clawhammer/frailing. And models for guitarists who enjoy the banjo sound.

Mandolin Resources

Chords, tabs, and many other resources for the mandolin.

Banjo Maintenance

Tips on keeping your banjo in tip top shape, compliments of Jim E. on The Musicians Rendezvous, at The Kingston Trio Place.


May 31, 2020