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Pete and John

Save Savannah

Sailing to Freedom

Soldiers of Palm

Savannah Bound

On Back River

Young William Jay

Spanish Moss

Down Tybee Way

Let Me Go Home (A Ghost Story)

Captain, Oh, Captain

Tybee Rain

Save Savannah!


Watch Pete and John's video of Gordon Lightfoot's hit, Early Morning Rain

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Pete and John, The River is Wide video


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George Grove

"In The Middle Of A Life"

A wonderful solo album by George Grove, of The Kingston Trio.

"Each of these songs represents a station along this journey in the middle of a life. They are neither male nor female exclusively, but personal to us all. Listen - and find yourself somewhere along the way" - George Grove, from the liner notes

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Play List

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Easy To Arrange

Middle Of The Night

Slip Away


Longest Beer Of The Night

Streets Of London

Looking For The Sunshine

San Diego Serenade

Singing Every Inch Of The Way

One Sweet Reason


If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You

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To order George's CD, contact him directly at:

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Paul Gabrielson's CD

Bass player extraordinaire for the Kingston Trio, Paul has produced his own jazz CD. Featuring Paul on bass, Jon Davis on piano and John Bishop and Steve Hill on drums, Paul does for jazz what the Trio does for folk music (I know Bob, you're not folk singers!) It's a collection of mostly original music. You can order it directly from Paul by e-mailing him at: The price is $20 which includes shipping.

Play List

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Waltz for J.D.

Pretty Bossa

6/8 Thing

Blue and Green

This is New

Fit for a Prince

Alphabet City

The Loop

She's Leaving Home


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Bob Haworth's CD's




Bob's new Christmas CD

"Christmas All Over the World"

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Christmas Is Coming (original)
Christmas All Over The World (original)
The Way It Used To Be (original)
Colorado Christmas
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
Mele Kalikimaka
White Christmas
“Saw”lent Night (do I have to spell it out?)
Christmas Time Is Here (original)
Sleigh Ride (banjo solo with orchestration)
Santa Claus Got Stuck In Our Chimney (original)
The Christmas Song (as in "Chestnuts roasting...")

The Musicians

Bob Haworth

Matt Cartsonis

Van Dyke Parks

Craig Eastman

Wenndy MacKenzie

Santa's Childrens Chorus



Bob Haworth's CD

"After All These Years"

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Play List

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What's So Bad About Feelin' So Good?

Here To Stay In Colorado

Right Smack Dab In The Middle Of Love

Scorpion's Lullaby

The Good Old Days

Songs That Never Die

Dont' Ever Give Up

Ridin' Into Town

Snoqualmie Rag (instrumental)

Grazin' In The Catbox

Who Really Knows?

MTA Revisited

After All These Years

The Musicians
Bob Haworth: acoustic guitar, acoustic tenor guitar, vocal
Sheldon Gomberg: bass
Andy Kamman: drums
Matt Cartsonis: acoustic guitar, vocal
George Grove: 5-string banjo, vocal
Special guest artists include:
John McEuen - 5-string banjo (Here To Stay In Colorado and Snoqualmie Rag)
Doug Kershaw - Cajun fiddle (Right Smack Dab)
Van Dyke Parks - piano (What's So Bad, Songs That Never Die and The Good Old Days) and squeeze box (Scorpion's Lullaby)
George Grove - 5-string banjo and vocals (MTA Revisited) and vocals (Songs That Never Die)
Produced by Matt Cartsonis (lengthy credits - played with Pete Seeger, Ry Cooder, Austin Lounge Lizards, The Foremen, Warren Zevon, etc.)
Also, FYI, Matt along with Sheldon Gomberg (bass) and Andy Kamman (drums) were Warren Zevon's touring band during his last couple of tours.

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The Mermaid
South Australia
The Diamond
The Flowers of Bermuda
Mingulay Boat Song
The Ghosthip Morphy
The Constitution and the Guerierre
Roddy McCorley
One of the Many
Blacks and Tans
The Boys That Broke the Ground
No Man's Land
Rise Up Jock
Who Will Sing For Me
At the End of a Pointed Gun
I'm Going Home
The White Collar Holler
Handspike Hash
Aragon Mill
Banks of Sicily
Jacob's Vision
Farewell to Tarwathie
Belequisa River
Shawnee Town
Sixteen Tons
Jenny's Short Dance
Strike the Bell
The Gypsy's Hemorrhoids
Song of Patriotic Prejudice
Soldiers Joy
Singing the Spirit Home
Hard Times
Honeymoonin' Couple
Fiddlers Green
Bonny Charlie
Parts Per Million (PPM)
This Land

Dramtreeo's recordings are distributed world-wide by Southern Branch Music, Norfolk, Virginia, (757) 623-6432. To download an order form, click here:

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The County Line Trio

Going Home
This Land Is Your Land
Three Jolly Coachmen
Concert Tour
Stay Awhile
Childrens Segment
Them Poems
Little Light
Tijuana Jail
Special Announcements
Shame and Scandal
Salty Dog
Bill Bailey / Just Because
Scotch and Soda
The Pill
New Country Tunes
Darlin' Corey
Going Home
Oh, Miss Mary
The Shape of Things
The Battle Of New Orleans
Take Me Out To the Ballgame
Chilly Winds
Tavern On the Dump
Roving Gambler / This Train
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Beeping Sleauty
Jenny Glenn
Dean's College Yearbook
A Rolling Stone
The Ballad Of Jesse James
Goodnight Ladies / Leaving A Song
This Land Is Your Land / America

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The Chilly Winds


New York Girls (Listen)

One More Town

Where I'm Bound

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Cane On the Brazos (Listen)

To Be Redeemed

Early Morning Rain

Try For the Sun (Listen)

Tom Dooley

Dreamers On the Rise (Listen)

You're Gonna Miss Me

The Whistling Gypsy

Oh Sail Away

I'm Going Home

Take Her Out Of Pity

Goin' Nowhere

The Sinking of the Reuben James (Listen)


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Basket Landing

My Old Mountain Home

The first CD by this delightful new group from New York State. Basket Landing is comprised of five young folk singers, Joanie Stein, Nate Zaur, Amy Powers, John Powers and Daniel Stein. Their repertoire is a mix of folk, gospel, bluegrass and Irish music, all of which is guaranteed to get your feet stomping and hands clapping. It's great to see a young group like Basket Landing carrying on the folk tradition.

Play List

Streamline Cannonball

Nancy Whiskey

Darling Boys

Gloryland Way

Short Grass

Go Ye Winds

My Old Mountain Home

Strawberry Beds

City Of New Orleans

The Saints

Ozark Night

Resurrection Morning

Moonshine Can

Bye Bye Biplane

How to order:

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The Dustmen

Rants, Reels and Other Songs


(Click on any song to hear a sample)

The Mermaid

Murphy's Fiddle

Ride On

Flowers of Edinburg / The Merry Blacksmith

Ye Jacobites by Name

Blow Ye Winds

Back Home in Derry

South Australia

Star of the Country Down

Rights of Man

No Bow, No Beer, No Service

Devils' Dream

Come Out Ye Black and Tans

In Ireland

To order, contact:

Russell F. Scinta, 22 Warburton Pl., Kenmore, NY 14223

$15.00 per CD.

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Ballycotton takes the listener on the fantastical journey which immerses him into a world of legends and myths, pictures of an unforeseen world appear, like on the last two albums and Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit the very new one. The band successfully merges the musical styles from different cultures, letting them develop into something special, something completely new that is Ballycotton.

Christina Gaismeier – violin
Alex König – guitar, bouzouki, mandolin
Peter Beinhofer – accordion, voice
Robert Polsterer – guitar, e-bass, overtone singing
Harald Binder – percussion


Spiel mich (Tag und Nacht)





Die Reise


Cuba Libre

Begegnung im Horizont


Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit - Leben

Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit - Sehnsuche

Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit - Schlussakkord

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