Here are all the instruments I own as of right now. You know how that goes!

My collection has grown some since I first posted what I had.


Six String Guitars

1970 Martin D-18


2016 Martin HD-28

1973 Martin D-35

2019 Dreadnaught Junior


1998 Martin 000M


2010 Martin OM1-GT


2014 Taylor 214eN Nylon String


Two Taylor GS Mini's, on with spruce top and one mahogany. That's my Martin OM1-GT and Deering banjo in the background


Taylor Academy Series A12eN Nylon String


Fender GC23S


Harmony H6340 (Stock photo)

Yamaha FG375


Takamine C-128 Classical


Alvarez 5227

And and old Giannini classical of which I don't have a picture handy.


Twelve String Guitars

2021 Guild F-1512


Taylor 355c Jumbo


Takamine EG523SC-12


Yamaha DW-4S-12


Tenor Guitars


My Baby! A 1962 Martin 0-18T


Silvertone tenor


Blue Ridge B40




1963 Vega Pete Seeger Model Long Neck. This baby has actually been played by Pete! My most prized possession!


Muse (Ode) Long Neck. My first love!

Gold tone Maple Mountain (White Ladye tone ring)

Deering Classic Goodtime Special Open Back

2019 Gold Tone BG-150F

Framus (German made) five-string


Fender FB58


Goldtone CB100 Open Back


Morrison Open Back. This is from around the early 20th century, maybe 1900 - 1910.



Recording King RR-36S-VS Maxwell Series

2021 Fender Squier

Hofner Bass - Hey, I love the Beatles!


Lanakai Tenor Uke - Stock Photo


Kala Soprano Uke - Stock Photo


Kentucky KM160 A Model Mandolin - Stock Photo

I also have an Epiphone mandolin, no picture available.

And a Casio keyboard, an Irish penny whistle, and an old pair of my Dad's drumsticks.

I do I believe that's all...


Hmm, I do believe I need a harmonica...


Updated October 3, 2019