Yamaha Twelve String Guitar

A long time ago, in a... Well, back in the Sixties, when Larry, Jim and I were playing regularly anywhere they'd let us in, I owned a Fender twelve-string guitar for a while. It would never stay in tune, and I got rid of it, swearing I'd never own another twelve-string. Then last July, I saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert for my very first time. Besides being mesmerized by his show (one of the highlights of my entire half century is sitting no more than 25 feet from Gordon and listening to him sing The Edmund Fitzgerald), I noticed how much he used a twelve-string and how nice it sounded on many of his tunes. I soon found myself looking for a decent twelve to call my own. My music store had a couple, some out of my price range, but they also had this Yamaha. It's a model DW-4S-12. I sat down and tried it, using the only thing I knew that I could test a twelve-string on, Walk Right In. I bought it and I'm glad I did. I've owned it for going on a year now and except for some fine tuning after changing the capo around, I really haven't had to tune it since I bought it home. It's beautiful. The action is low and very easy to play. I can play it longer than my six string without my fingers wearing down. And it sounds great. Move over Gordon, I've already learned The Edmund Fitzgerald.

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